Gasco - Automatic Lpg Gas Leak Detector for Home in India

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Gasco Residential Gas leak detector is designed for detection & early warning for LPG or CNG leakage from cylinders or through pipelines. This wall mounted unit is compact and designed for low cost domestic applications.

Gasco is a simple Life saving hack. In case of gas leakage at home Gasco will alarm for 50 seconds and after That It will Disconnect Electricity Using ELCB.It adopts highly accurate advanced semi-conductor or catalytic sensor and utilizes sophisticated electronic components, offering a high level of functionality, reliability and flexibility.

GASCO series detectors is calibrated to alert before 7%LEL or as the customers requirement, and it can activate solenoid valves if attached, sirens and any other signal or alarm handling device if any, by means of the built in relay.

Note:- We do not recommend to use residential gas leak detectors in Hotels, Restaurants and parking due to challenging environmental conditions.

Features Of Product

  1. Auto Eletcricity Cut Off After 50 Second
  2. No Wiring to Main MCB
  3. Easy to Install Plug and Play
  4. Sound & Flash alarm output
  5. Detects gases like LPG, CNG, Natural gas, CO
  6. Automatic calibration at the desired level of LEL

Product Specification

Gas SamplingNatural Diffusion
Gas Sensor TypeSemi-Conductor
Detection Level10% LEL
Output Type+12V, Buzzer(85dB)
Alarm OutputSound& LED flash alarm
Humidity≤95%RH (no condensation)
Net Weight330g
Warranty1 Year

Tips For Safety

When the detector is alarming, don’t start any switch, in case the spark causes the explosive of combustible gas. Please open the window immediately, and then go to the supply source of gas and disconnect & look for professionals to deal with gas leak.

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