LPG Cylinder Explosion: Reasons and Precautions

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by Prahari/ on 23 May 2019
LPG Cylinder Explosion: Reasons and Precautions

Improper handling of household LPG cylinders can have serious consequences. First, the gas in the cylinder or regulator mixes with air to form a flammable mixture. To complete the Fire Triangle, you need a spark or ignition source. These sparks ignite the LPG fuel-air mixture and cause an explosion. Such explosions usually occur at strange moments when people are not alert, for example, using appliances or lighters immediately after getting out of bed.

Prevention is always better than Cure. Safety measures must be followed when handling LPG cylinders. The explosion of cooking gas cylinders is often negligence and carelessness. By adopting these effective safety measures, such an accident can be avoided.



  1. Do not leave the cylinder in the hot tub, even if some remaining LPG presents, because the chance of the gas cylinder always explodes when exposed to heat and fire.
  2. Keep the gas handle open without knowing. Turn off the adjuster’s handle when not in use.
  3. Do not store flammable and plastic materials in LPG cylinders or kitchens near cooking areas.
  4. Correct handling with the machine.
  5. The kitchen and cooking area should be well ventilated.
  6. Must use ISI approved for rubber tube regulator.
  7. LPG cylinders should only be purchased from authorised dealers.

It is essential to follow the instructions and educate the elderly and children about handling LPG cylinders, precautions, and what not to do in an emergency. But LPG cylinders should not be afraid because of their high strength. With proper maintenance of gas appliances, LPG explosions can be avoided.